10 Pin Design Tips To Drive Traffic To Blog

10 Pin Design Tips To Drive Traffic To Blog

10 Pin Design Tips To Drive Traffic To Blog

Started your blog and want to drive traffic to your blog from pinterest.Then you need to know these pin design tips to drive traffic to your blog.
Raise your hand if your want to know how to designing to get traffic from pinterest? 
Before reading this post, make sure to read my previous post on how to drive traffic to your blog using pinterest.
Because in that article, I have clearly explained how to use pinterest.If you want to know the 27 action taking steps to grow your blog traffic, read this pinterest traffic post.
Some may think that I have done all those things.But my traffic is not growing.Then you need to know the tips to create a good pin designs.

What is a good pin design?

A good pin design should have a click worthy titles, fonts, graphics, images and more.At the same time, your pins elements should be aligned correctly.
Like this, more things are need to be taken care.In addition to this, your pin should stand out from others in design.
If it stands out, your pin may go viral.Then your blog traffic will start growing now.

10 Pin Design Tips For Growing Blog Traffic

1.Create pin in preferred pin design

For each social media, pin size varies.At the same time, for pinterest it is better to use 1:2 ratio.
Why pin size is important?
This is important because most of the pinterest users are using mobile.So the pin images with 1:2 ration dimesions will be shown at the top.
If you designed your pin in square shape, your pin won’t be visible to pinterest users.This is why you need to create in 1:2 ratio.
At the same time,don’t create pins in too long for infographics also.You may come across many infographics pin on pinterest.

For those pin also,you should maintain 1:2 ratio.Better to use 600*1200 px for your infographics also.

If you create long pins than prefered size, your pins bottom length will be cut off while showing on pinterest.So make sure to use the correct size of pins to get more views.

2.Use Stock Photos

When it comes to background of your pin image, you can use any type of backgrounds.You can even use solid colors, gradient, textures and images.
When it comes to images, don’t use Google search images for pins.Why?When you are zooming it, the image will be blurred.
For this reason, you should avoid using those images.Use stock photos instead of it.There are many stock photo websites are available.
In addition to this, it is better to use membership site for stock photos.Buy those stock photos for your pins.Why you need to buy?
All pinterest users will be using same free stock photos.To stand out from them and getting viral, you should buy your own stock photos.
This makes your pin image stands out.For buying those you can use any one of the following sites
 Get the list of stock photo website here.

3.Craft a creative title

This is the most important part of pin design.As I mentioned earlier, Pinterest is a visual search engine.
There are millions of pinterest users tends to see only images.In all those images,your image should stand out.When users are seeing images, your headline should be eye catching one.
They will click on your image, only when they know that your post gives solution to them.So write a headline which is stiring emotions in them.
Try to write as “how to”,”secrets revealed”,”10 tips” in your headings.Include numbers in your pin images.
Here are some examples for you:
Elementor 10 Pin Design Tips To Drive Traffic To Blog (3)

4.Create Branded Pins

You need to add your website url or address in each of your pins.Why you should add url?
This will help our followers to know that, this is your pin.So it is easy for getting more repins, followers and even traffic.
At the same time, this helps to know your website for pinterest users.In addition to this, it is easy for them to save your pin into their board.
Elementor 10 Pin Design Tips To Drive Traffic To Blog (3)

5. Don't use Dark Photos

This is another tip I want to share with you.Don’t use images with dark backgrounds.
In case, if you want to use, then you should give a contrast overlay for your text.In pinterest most of the images are having light background.
At the same time, light background helps you to add variety of colors in text.But when it comes to dark background,you will be having only few choices of colors to get contrast.

You can also increase the brightness of your dark photo.How?Using canva you can increase brightness as well as add some filter to your images.

6.Use Warm Colors

Mostly when you are seeing pin images, all will be in white, light green (mint), orange, red colors.
At the same time,use mild colors as overlay to enhance beauty of dark colors.Mostly use light colors, this will help you to get more clicks on your pins

7.Differentiate What is Important

This is nothing but differentiate your keywords.You can do this by doing any one of these things to your keywords:
  • Underline
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Different Fonts
  • Adding Overlay
  • Adding Lines to the keyword
  • Different colors
  • Big in size to the keyword
This will help you to get more clicks.It is easy to reach your audience by doing this.Because,if all your text are in uniform your pin won’t stand out.
Using the above tricks get more attention by pinterest users.Here is an example of this.Find which is better and you will understand why this is important
Elementor 10 Pin Design Tips To Drive Traffic To Blog (3)

8.Hierarchy / Alignment

This is another point I want to share with you guys.Because irregular alignment won’t get clicks.
You sould align text either in right, left, center or justified.But not following alignments won’t give you any clicks.Add all the text in one part of the pin.
Don’t give more gaps or spaces between each text.This will distract your pins attention.
Elementor 10 Pin Design Tips To Drive Traffic To Blog (5)

Below is the mistake in alignment in images.These pins won’t get nay clicks.

Elementor 10 Pin Design Tips To Drive Traffic To Blog (6)

9.Make your pins look unique

You may ask how?I will share you few tips for it.Its all based on your creativity.Watch different pins and analyze which is attracting you more.
Take a note of it and do it better when you create your own pins.You can even add any one of the following:
  • Different shapes
  • Solid color backgrounds
  • Adding emojis 
  • Add some animations if needed
  • Zoom any one part of your image.
Above are little tips to this.You need to start noticing the pins which is attracting you.Find and make a note of it.
Try to use the same design for your pin in future.This will help you to improve your design skills as well as traffic.
If you want to get uniqueness, then buy stock images.This makes your pin images look more unique.You can also buy scene creator for images.

10.Keep it simple

This is another main tip of this designing.Why you should keep it simple?Here is the answer for you.
We are not designing pins for sales.Next, we just want to attract audience by images.So don’t add elements which are unnecessary to your pins.
Don’t add too much of elements to make it look clumsy.Your pin should have 1 center of focus point on keyword.
That’s why I am asking you to keep it simple.If you are adding more, center of attraction will be scattered.So your point won’t reach your audience.
Elementor 10 Pin Design Tips To Drive Traffic To Blog

Bonus Point - Add call-to-action

This is the best and main tip of pin design.A better pin design have a strong call to action in your pin images.
Add your freebie images in your pin.We all know that people will get attract to freebies.So try to add anything in your post.
If you are not having any freebies, then add call-to-action by using words like “know more”,”find out here”,”learn more”,”discover now” and more.
Add these words and highlight it.Make sure to highlight your freebies also.Correct place of placing freebie is at the bottom of your image.
All the above are the great tips for your pin design.

For more design and templates, see below for the greatest collection of pinterest pin templates for you.

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