10 super blog name ideas for your blog

10 super blog name ideas for your blog

10 super blog name ideas for your blog

You have decided to start a blog and you want to name it right? Here you will get 10 super blog name ideas for your blog.
The first step in blogging is to choose the perfect niche for your blog. After choosing your niche, you need to give some name to your blog.
Naming your blog plays the biggest role in this world. Because a name will become the brand in the future.
So be careful in choosing a name for your blog. I have done many mistakes in the first year of blogging.
From my own learning, I am saying these 10 tips for blog name ideas for your blog. Make sure to follow these tips to get it done correctly.

1. The name should not be misspelled

This tip is the most important among all. Because if your domain name is misspelled, then it is difficult to build your audience.
At the same time, you will also get a low amount of traffic. Make sure you don’t use the following words in your domain name. They are as follows:
You may think why I should not use these words? I am here to clear your doubts. These words spellings are confused by people.
EX. Instead of “grey”, they may type as “gray”.The same goes for “calendar” also. The words sounds are the same, so make sure to avoid words like these.
In addition to this, you should not use any numbers and special characters. Why? Because this will also lead to misspelled words.
Example:”10beast.com”.Some people type as tenbeast, while others type as 10beast. So make sure to avoid numbers to get confused.
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Why my blog name should be memorable? Because I have read an article on the Internet. After some days, I need something which is present in that article.
If their domain name is memorable and easy to pronounce then it is easy for me. If not, I had to waste time searching for that article right?
This is why you should choose a name that should be memorable to all.

3. How much longer a domain name should be?

There is no limit in adding words to the domain names. But, if your domain name is long then, it is difficult to remember.
At the same time, while creating graphics for your blog it will be difficult. It is better to be short and unique.

4.Blog Name Generator

This is one of the best tools in the market. They are absolutely free where you can find tons of ideas for your domain.
The domain wheel is the top among the domain name generator. Where you can search for different domain names using your niche or keyword.
Nameboy is another domain name generator. This will also help you in getting excellent domain name ideas
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5. Use Keywords In your Blog Name

Try using keywords in your domain names. Keywords help us to get more traffic from google.
If you are ready to blog on food recipes, you can use words related to foods in your domain name.
Example: You can name it as 
your keyword + Kitchen
your keyword + recipe
your keyword + cookbook
For example: If a person searches for vegetarian foods, then if your blog name is
“VEGAN FOODS”, then your blog will be sown.

6. Use Your Name in your Blog Name

This is another type of naming. In addition to other tips, this is also important. You can name your blog with your name.
Ex: Neilpatel, Braindean. Both are using their own name on their websites. This helps us to get more branding also.
Add your name along with related keywords that also work well. How? Example: If your niche is food then, You can name it as 
your name + Kitchen
your name + recipe
your name + cookbook
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7. Use Your Blog Niche in your Blog Name

My suggestion for the domain name is to use a niche name. Because there are many good companies are using niche name only.
These are the website build their own brand. All these are autoresponders. In the name itself, they have clearly mentioned their website’s purpose.
Initially, to grow as a blog, you need to add a keyword in your domain name. For example: If your niche is on blogging
Then you can name as follows
Likewise, you can add your own words related to your niche. Make sure to add a word that describes your blog.
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8. Write about your blog and find a name

This is another type of naming your blog. First of all, take a paper and pen.Sit down calm and start writing about your blog.
In that paper, you should write about what you will post on your blog. What content will be published? Then if need you can also add some categories also.
After writing this, just find the repeated words. Exclude articles, the preposition in it. Finally, you will be able to come up with some ideas.
Make sure to add some adjectives in your name. This will enhance your blog name overall score.
ex: Your niche is social media, then you can name as follows
go social
go social with “your name”
social media mom
social mom
social mom blog

9. Use Expired Domains.

You can also use some expired domains. There is much domain with a lot of fame, just got expired. You can buy and rename it.
This is perfectly simple. You can use their own domain names also. This helps you to get some inbuilt traffic by that domain name.
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10. Use Unrelated words

What unrelated words? Yes, of course. But it may or may not works for everyone. Make a name that is unrelated to you.
This may become a brand name in the future. If you are sure to make it as a brand, you can choose any type of name for your domain.
Wait, I will give you some examples.
All these are some random names that become popular just by branding. You may think then why did you say the above points?
This tip is not given my many bloggers because this is unconditional. We can’t say this will work out or not.
That is why this is my last tip in naming your domain. My suggestion is better to avoid such risky decisions.
To sum up all these you can download my free checklist to get domain name ideas.

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