12 Pinterest Pin design Tips  For You

12 Pinterest Pin design Tips For You

12 Pinterest Pin design Tips For You

Want to make your pin looking like a professional pins?Then read this pinterest pin design tips which will give you the list of mistakes to avoid by beginners.
If you are a beginner trying to drive taffic to your blog through pinterest, then raise your hand right now.Here is a 27 pinterest hacks to drive traffic to your blog.
Read this to know more about pinterest.At the same time, if you want to drive free traffic to your blog,you need to avoid these pinterest pin design mistakes.
Pinterest is a visual search engine.Pinterest users stop by the pin image only if it is benefitting them and attractive too.
So to make your pinterest pin design looking professional, you must follow these step now.All these 12 mistakes should be avoided while designing pinterest pins.
Some of these mistakes are the most important to avoid by bloggers.At the same time, if you want to design a pinterest pin looking like a professional avoid these mistakes.
In addition to these mistakes, you  should take care of fonts combinations.Furthermore, you should read this 8 font mistakes to be avoided by bloggers.
In that article, I have clearly explained how to use fonts in your pinterest pin design.Make sure to read that also if you want to make your pin looking like professional.

Using Contrast

If your pin image is light color, then use a contrast color on it.This should showcase your text on that image.
At the same time, if you pin image is dull in lightning or in light brown shade, increase it lighting.How?Just increase the brightness of the image in free photo editor like canva.

Using script fonts incorrectly

Add a script fonts to the keyword.At the same time, don’t make all letters as caps in your script font.
For further details in fonts, read this 8 font mistakes to be avoided by bloggers.

Placing Elements too close to the edge.

While designing pins for your pinterest, give some gap in the top, right, bottom and left margin.
It is better to add elements or text away from the margins.

Add elements on overlay if it is necessary

Add the elements which are necessary to the pin.Don’t add elements that are unrelated.
If your pin has more elements like shapes, lines this will distract the users.In addition to this, it will make your pin look more complex.
Elementor 10 Pin Design Tips To Drive Traffic To Blog

Spacing is off / Incorrect spacing

This is nothing but giving more space between each elements matters.Don’t leave more space between each elements.
I will give you the correct spacing template to you.Watch the template below to know more about spacing.

Misaligned text

Your text should be arranged correctly.Here you can arrange them in left, right or even centered.

This will give you more professional look in your pins.If you are using canva.com it is easy for you to get aligned quickly.


Don't use small size fonts

Try to add fonts which are big in size.Else increase the font size.Because in your pin image your text should be visible to everyone.
At the same time, when people are in hurry mode it is easy for you to convey your content to them.Don’t go for very big size.

No visual hierarchy

There should be enough space between each elements.At the same time, it should be aligned correctly.
Example:Your website url or your logo, then your cta and more should be aligned correctly to attract your user.

Overused Stock Photos

This is another important mistakes everyone is doing.In the begining of my blogging I also made the same mistakes.
Don’t overuse the same stock photos again and again.Instead try to buy some premium stock photos.

Bad color choices

Choose the color which suits your own brand.For that you can use the different shades of same color.
It is better to use the dark to light shades of same color.If you want you can use the canva.com/colors.This will give you a good combinations of color.

CTA in the wrong spot

Some pins used to put the CTA in the wrong spot.Always CTA should be present in the end of the pin image.
Why?Always people used to search for freebies or CTA at the bottom of the pin image.It works better for all types of pin images.

Branding your Pin images

Branding is nothing but adding your own url of your website in your pin images.This will help your audience to know that it is your own pin.
At the same time, this helps to get more saves and more clicks.In addition to this, no can can use your own pin image for their blog.
Elementor 10 Pin Design Tips To Drive Traffic To Blog (3)
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