15 Best Pinterest Pin Scheduler You Need To Know

15 Best Pinterest Pin Scheduler You Need To Know

15 Best Pinterest Pin Scheduling Tool

Are you ready to explore the best pinterest pin scheduler to automate publishing?Then here comes the list 1.tailwind 2.hootsuite 3.sproutsocial and more
We all know that pinterest is a great platform to get free viral traffic to our blog.At the same time, it needs a consistency in pinning pins on pinterest.
You may ask me why it need consistency?To get more traffic to your blog, you need a consistent pinning in pinterest.Before that you need to read this 27 ways to explode your traffic using pinterest.
At the same time,we cannot use pinterest alone to get consistency.We cannot pin 45-50 pins in pinterest alone.so for that only we need some automation tool to publish pin on pinterest.
Here comes a list of pinterest pin scheduling tools for automation.In addition to this, in some of these tools you can also automate other social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr and more.
Some of the scheduling tools are only used for pinterest.While some may used to automate other social media also.
Another important note is that, some may offer you a free plan to use thier tool for schedule.While some has good pricing amount to start with it.
Now lets see the best pinterest pin scheduling tools now.

Tailwind Pinterest Pin Scheduler

Tailwind is a official pinterest pin shcedular offered by pinterest.At the same time,it can also be used to schedule instagram post also using tailwind.
Here they offer a tailwind tribes which helps us to get more traffic from it.In addition to this,it also gives you a smart loop to keep posting pins daily.
This tailwind gives free plan in which a user can schedule upto only 100 pins permonth.Furthermore, it gives you only 3 tailwind tribes to use.
If you are using pro version, you can schedule unlimited number of pins.In addition to this,you will get access to unlimited tailwind tribes to use.


Hootsuite is a social media managing platform.It also has both free and premium version.In free versiion,you can schedule only 30 posts per month but you can have 3 social media accounts.
If you want to schedule unlimited number of accounts and posts, you need to buy premuim version.This saves you a lot of time for social media  engagement.
You have only one dashboard for pinterest pin scheduling and it gives you to integrate with 250 apps with good and detailed analytics also.


Buffer is another great scheduling tool.Here you have both premium and free version.This comes with a free chrome extension for automation.
At the same time, in free version you can connect 3 accounts but not pinterest.But you can connect instagram, facebook and twitter here.
In addition to this, they give you to adjust the timing of posting as well. Furthermore, they give you link shortner and detailed analytics.


Viraltag is another social media automation tool.Here you can schedule unlimited posts, recycle evergreen content and analyze performance – all from a single dashboard.
You can connect multiple accounts, flexible pinterest pin scheduling scheduling and reposting also available here.In a single dashboard, you can manage all accounts.
Here you can even collaborate your entire team.gives you automatic suggestion of   hashtags and more.Gives you a detailed analytics also.


E-clincher is another platform for social media managment.You will get a detailed analytics also.
They have advanced publishing, social inbox and collaboration tools also.In addition to this, they provide you a visual calender and a smart publisher also.
Here they have only premium plans for you.In this platform, you can also search by keywords,hashtags,influencer and more.Check out this pinterest pin scheduler now.

Social pilot

Social pilot help you with powerful publishing and insightful analytics.Futhermore, you can have a seamless collaborations with your team also.
Here you can bulk schedule a post and also you can have 1000 post per day.This is the cheapest of all other.
In addition to this, you can integrate many apps with this.It also gives you rss feed automation also.furthermore, it has content curation for free.Check out this pinterest pin scheduler now.

Sprout social

Sprout social is another social media management tool.Here you can integrate with facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram and pinterest.
Visualize Pins & inspire ideas with specialized tools to help you create, publish and report on your Pinterest content – all managed alongside your other social platforms.
Sprout social is a premium tool with great price for you.In addition to this, it also provides you a social image resizer for you.Check out this pinterest pin scheduler now.


Manage your social media accounts in one place agorapulse.Schedule your content, get reports, and engage followers with one simple tool.
You can schedule, bulk upload, reschedule and more using the content calendar.Quickly track your followers using built-in CRM.
In addition to this, you will have your publishing queue categories also.Furthermore,you will have an automated inbox assistant also.Check out this pinterest pin scheduler now.

Meet edgar

Meet edgar helps you to schedule post on all social media profile in single place.MeetEdgar automates content for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.
Edgar can write your posts for you — seriously. Edgar automatically finds quote-worthy text from articles or blogs.
You can Generate Posts Using Our Browser Extension.in addition to this,it also have a Category-Based Scheduling.Check out this pinterest pin scheduler now.


ViralWoot is another social media management tools that you can use to schedule Pinterest as well as Instagram posts.
In viralwoot you can schedule upto 500 post at cheap rate.You can get started for free and later you can decide on the plan you wish to go for depending on the number of posts you wish to schedule.


Pinpinterest is specially designed for pinterest.Here you can manage pin, follow, scheduling and more at one place.
PinPinterest Lets you Schedule Pins. You can choose to auto schedule them every day, every weekend or at a specific date & time.Check out this pinterest pin scheduler now. 
PinPinterest can pin new content from your site, Simply provide them your homepage they will crawl it and decide which links are interesting enough to be pinned to your desired boards.


Sendible is another social media management platform.Streamline how you manage social media for brands – from planning and collaboration to engagement and analytics.
Here you can start a free trial for 14 days without even credit card.At the same time, you can collaborate with your team also.Check out this pinterest pin scheduler now.
Advanced reporting and deeper insights through our Google Analytics integration.Schedule beautiful posts individually, through queues or in bulk, and use their interactive calendar


IFTTT is another social media automation tool.Here you can automate many things available on the internet.
This is a free tool to schedule pins on pinterest without any limitations.Easy to integrate with pinterest.Check out this pinterest pin scheduler now.
At the same time,you can schedule using rss feed also.You can have multiple profile in a single account.Great tool for automation available for free.


You may wonder how pinterest helps in automatic pin scheduling.Just create a pin using plus sign.Then scroll down below to select an option for publishing or scheduling.
You can schedule upto 30 post in 2 week advance.It is easy way to publish on group boards without spending more money on automation tools.


Later has both free and paid plan for scheduling.Save Time by Scheduling Your Instagram Posts Ahead of Time. Manage Multiple Accounts, Schedule Video, Reposting, Analytics & Uploading Tools
But in later, you can post only 30 post per month.You will get a detailed tracking using google analytics also.
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