27 Tips to Explode Website Traffic Using Pinterest

27 Tips to Explode Website Traffic Using Pinterest

27 Tips to Explode Website Traffic Using Pinterest

Already started blog and want free traffic to your website.Then try to explode blog traffic using pinterest
Say yes if you are using pinterest?
Pinterest is my best source of traffic to my website.If you don’t know what is pinterest?I will say it in briefly.
Pinterest is a visual search engine.Millions of Womens ae using pinterest to decide their choice of products and more.
I love pinterest to search for blog post ideas.As pinterest is a visual engine, it is loaded with tons of different images.
Do you know how to use pinterest to grow blog traffic?Then read this article fully.Here we explain how to explode blog traffic using pinterest
My traffic grew from 500 pageviews a month to 5000 pageviews a month.For new bloggers who just started a blog, this seems to be a challenge to figure out way to get traffic.
In the starting of your blogging, new bloggers used to focus on all social media.Even I did all this before learning more about pinterest.
If you want to make money from your blog, then you need to create a pinterest business account.In addition to this, if your blog audience hangs out on pinterest, you also need to do that.
So try to focus on any 2 to 3 social media.I used facebook and pinterest.Now I also started using youtube.
Lets start our 27 pinterest marketing tips to explode blog traffic using pinterest

1.Use Face in Profile Photo, not logo

If you are a blogger and want to become a successful blogger, it is better to use your family photos here.
Because people who want to follow you will search for your photo.This help you to connect with your audience.
Instead of logo, try to use your own photo.This will help us to build a trust in the mind of audience.Try to explode blog traffic using pinterest.
elna cain - explode website traffic using pinterest

2.Claim Your Other accounts

When you are setting up your pinterest account, it is better to connect to your other social media accounts.
Connect your Etsy, Instagram and Youtube accounts.So that it is easy for pinterest users to connect with you across every social media.
This helps us to get analytics for your pinterest in each pin.It also help you to grow your monthly views.
In addition to this, it will show up “follow” button on your pins.So that it is easy for you to grow your pinterest followers.This helps us to explode blog traffic using pinterest
claim accounts explode blog traffic using pinterest

3.Make your Niche Pinterest Profile

In your pinterest account also, make it as niche.So that it is easy for pinterest to identify your profile.
Make sure to pin the pin images related to your niche alone.This helps pinterest to show your pins in niche related search.
In your pinterest profile name, try to add all the keywords related to your niche.
But some may say that add only one keywords for it.If you do that, then your profile will be shown only to that keywords.
explode blog traffic using pinterest

4.Optimize your Bio Description

Below your title, you have a space to tell about you.This is a great place to tell them about you and what you are helping them?
For example:If you are a lifestyle blogger, then you can add about your niche here.Here are some keywords related to your niche 
  • Food recipes
  • Organizing Tips
  • Decoring Tips
  • Cleaning Tips
  • Home Living Gadgets
  • Weight Loss & exercises
  • Nutrition and more
explode blog traffic using pinterest - bio desc

5.Creative in your Pint titles

As I have mentioned earlier, pinterest is a visual search engine.People using pinterest will see to your pins and pin titles.
If they find it useful, then only they will click through your post.One more important feature of pinterest is that you can create multiple pins for single blog post.
What I meant to say is that,you can also create 5 to 10 pin images for a single blog post.This helps us to do some A/B testing.
How?Just try to write 2 to 3 headlines for your blog post.Then create various pin image with these titles and post.This will help us to find out, which is doing better and which is not working.
So what you need to do is,to create a emotional title for your post.It is better to use like “I”,”for you” and more.
Else you can focus on particular group of people.ex.for new blogger, for moms, for toddlers like that.
I will show you the example of how to write title here:
My main blog post title is:How to make money using amazon affiliate program.
T1:Make money blogging using the amazon affiliate program
T2:How I made $1000 a month on Amazon affiliate program check out my secrets
T3:The secret of making $1000 a month with amazon associates.
Among these 3 titles, which worked the best.For me T3 got more impression.Then my T1 and then T2.
I have attached my pin image over here.You can see it.
explode blog traffic using pinterest

6.Include call to action in your pin and descriptions

In pinterest to promote your pin, they will give you some space for pin description.Write about that pin in description.
Add variations of keyword in pin descriptions.Try to use “Answer in public” to get more variations for your keywords.
Don’t do keyword stuffing here.To avoid this,add long tail keywords to description.
Ex:For how to start a blog post.
You can add the following keywords
  • How to start a blog
  • Blogging for beginners
  • Blogging tips
  • How to start a profitable blog
  • How to start a blog in step by step guide.
  • Ready to start a blog
  • How to start a blog and make money
  • How to start a blog beginners guide
In addition to this, add some call to action at the end of pin description.This will help you to explode blog traffic using pinterest

7.Use Hashtags In Your Pin Descriptions

Adding keywords to pin descriptions alone get you traffic.Add atleast 2 to 5 hashtags for your pin.
At the same time, for hashtags, pinterest will give you suggestions.So that your pin will get into the topic suggested by pinterest.This will help us to explode blog traffic using pinterest
explode blog traffic using pinterest - hashtags

8.Use High-Quality Stock Photos

We can use all types of free stock photos on pinterest.
Make sure to use photos which have high quality in HD.At the same time, you can also use stock photos from tools like canva,snappa, picmonkey also.
But don’t try to use photos from google.Because, these images will be blured when you expose it.
Get a list of Free Stock Photos Websites for FREE NOW!!
list of free stock photo websites

9.Avoid Faces In Your PIN images

This is the most important point according to me.Because pinterest is not like youtube.In youtube, you need show some faces in your thumbnails to get high clicks.
But in Pinterest, you need some beautiful images of feminines.Not faces of females.You can also add faces if it is required for mom blogs alone.Not for money making blogs.
In addition to this point, you can show your partial face, back head or hand alone.This works better to explode blog traffic using pinterest
explode blog traffic using pinterest - avoid faces

10.Avoid using Dark Images

Dark images will not attract by human eyes especailly in Pinterest.As a pinterest user, go with light background instead of dark one.
Images with red,pink and orange shades goes well with pinterest.At the same time, don’t add more itemed image as your pin.Because this may looks clumsy.
It is better to use images with lots of white space and bright colored one.If you are using free image editing software like canva, you can adjust it.

11.Make your Fonts Large

Most of the pinterest users see pins on their mobile.So make use of large fonts so that it is easy for users to read your content.
I personally use Roboto, Georgia,proxima nova, Brush scripts for my pin images.Try to change the color or highlight the main keyword.
  • You can highlight the main keyword using
  • different color 
  • adding some overlay 
  • line above and belowo
  • some underline also.
Try using different font styles for A/B testing.After that make a brand font for your pin images.Don’t use more than 2 – 3 fonts in your pin images.This helps us to explode blog traffic using pinterest
what is a blog

12.Place your Blog Name on Each Pin

Don’t add your logo.Instead of adding logo,you can add your digital signature of your website.
Eles it is better to add your website at the end of each image.This will help your audience to save your pin to their board.
It helps us to stand out in other pins and also helps us to explode blog traffic using pinterest.
explode blog traffic using pinterest - add website in pin images

13.Use Keywords as Board Names

The most important part of pinterest is board names.Don’t be creative in naming boards.Why?
Because your board will be visible to everyone.So they don’t know your creative names right.This makes your board undiscovered by many users.
Instead of creative names, just name it using “keywords”.Why?Because all will be searching for post using keywords only.So it is better to name the board with keywords.
EX:Instead of “yummy food nathan likes” use as ” Dinner Recipes”.
At the same time, don’t be generic one.Add the related keywords to that board
Ex.Instead of “food recipes” use it as “keto cookies reicpes”, “keto diet recipes” or even “Dinner recipes”
One more best way to name your board using keyword is to find the relevant board in your niche.Or else use the auto suggestion by pinterest.

14.Create Relevant Board Names:

Another important thing is that choose your board names relavant to your niche.At the same time, you should create a board regarding your niche only.
Keep other boards as secret one to avoid confusion.This will confuse pinterest to show your board in niche boards.
Go to search bar of pinterest, type your keyword.Then find the keywords in auto suggestion,then on top bar.Combine those to get a new board name.
edit-board-325x405 - explode blog traffic using pinterest

15.Fill out Board Descriptions

Add description to your boards.Make sure to add keywords to your pin descriptions.
How to add keywords to your board description.Just go to search bar and type the board name.Copy the auto suggested keywords into your notepad.
Then copy the topbar keywords into your notepad.Add atleast 5 to 6 keywords from this into your description.Finally add hashtags also.

16.Pin to your Boards Daily

Try to be consistent.Till now I am unable to maintain consistency.If i had maintained my consistency, my pageviews would be better.
So try to pin images to your boards daily.This helps us to explode blog traffic using pinterest

17.Pin to Relevant Boards First

For a new blog post, pin the pin image to their most relevant boards first.Then pin it to the other less related boards on day 3 or 5.

18.Pin your Pins to Boards than to Group Boards.

Pinterest is keeping more eye on fresh pin from your own profile.So make sure to pin to your boards first.
Then on Day 7 or 9 pin them to your group boards.This will help you to gain more views.At the same time, don’t overpin to group boards.

19.Optimize your Boards with Others Pins

If your board is new to pinterest account or profile, add others pin images to your board.This will help us to make pinterest understand what your board is about?
At the same time, don’t overpin from others pin image.Add in 1:2 ratio.5 of your pinse then 2 of others pins.This will help us to explode blog traffic using pinterest.

20.Be cautious when Repinning to your Boards

Pinterest started to look on each of boards available on pinterest.So make sure not to pin the same pin image again in same board.
This makes your board looks spammy.Find and delete duplicate pins from your boards.
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21.Know the best Time to Pin

Find out when your audience on pinterest is active.Mostly bloggers used to pin in the evening.This will help you to get traffic.
Because, when they open their pinterest account, your new pin will be shown.This helps to explode blog traffic using pinterest

22.Add Pinterest Widgets on Your Blog

This will help us to get more pinterest followers on your blog.At the same time, they will get to know more about your content on pinterest.
Go to pinterest, click on the “?” shown below for help.Select create widgets.Now select your pinterest profile for widget.
Else copy the board url from your account and paste to create a board widget.Then copy and paste the code in your blog’s widget area.
I will show this in this video.
Play Video

23.Verify Your Website

It’s important that your business account should verify your website.
This is easy to do with yoast seo and rank math plugin.
Go to social>pinterest
On pinterest click on veriy button and then place it in the box of yoast.Fianlly click on verify to confirm it.
yoast-720x405 - explode website traffic using pinterest

24.Pin often from your blog

As mentioned earlier, pinterest loves fresh and new pins.At the same time, there is not limits for fresh pinning.
Important point is that your daily pinning is limited to 50 pins.In this 50 pins, pinning from others pin images is also included.

25.Check your Analytics

Pinterest offers analytics to help you figure out which pin is doing well.So find out he following
Top performing pins

  • How is your impressions growth
  • Which board is performing well
  • Which pin should be updated

26.Automate your Pinning

Its too much for bloggers to pin manually.So better use Tailwind which is a partner of pinterest to do automations.
In tailwind free trial, you will get 100 pins per month.I will pin 5 pins each day from Mon-Fri.This will make my pins good.
At the same time, don’t overdo automations.Balance both manual pinning and automations.
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27.Audit Your Pinterest Board

Every month or atleast for 3 months, find what is going on in your boards.Find the board which is performing in group boards and which is not.
Then remove from those group boards.Find the boards are not spammed with duplicate pins.If so remove that pin and make better.
These are the 27 tips to do pinterest marketing.All these tips helps you to explode blog traffic using pinterest.
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