5 Ways To Write Better Headlines – You Need To Know

5 Ways To Write Better Headlines – You Need To Know

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5 Ways To Write Better Headlines - You Need To Know

Writing a better headline help you to increase traffic to your sales.Here you will get 5 tips to write better headline for your blog
As a blogger, we need to write better headlines for your blog post.This help you to drive traffic and generate sales
This in turn help you to get a passive income online.At the same time, we have many online free title generator also.
In addition to this, there are headline analyser also available in the market.Headline plays a major role in seo also.
If you are using wordpress, for better seo you need to install Yoast SEO or Rank math plugin.When you are writing a blog post, you need to add keyword in your headline is a common seo tip.
But when it comes Rank math plugin, it has a built-in headline analyzer also.This is why i switched from yoast seo to rank math.
I have analyzed my headline using Rank math and Coschedule headline analyzer.Both are giving you the same result.
So you need to know some tricks to write better headlines for your blog.Now lets take a look at 5 tips to write better headlines for your blog post.

1.Add Number to your headlines

Your headline should have a number in it.Instead of writing a simple headline without number, you will get only less clicks.Try a/b testing with number and withou number.
You will find the difference of traffic, click and share for your post.Lets see the example and find their difference.
Ex1:How to write better headlines
Ex2:5 tips to write better headlines
Among the above 2 which works better.of course, ex.2 will work better than ex.1.

2.Emotion - Negative or Positive

There are millions of post are avaialable.If you need to stand out, you need to add some emotional words in your headline.
Emotion can be positive or negative, you need drive emotion in the mind of reader.Only then they will click your blog and read it
Ex1:How to write better headlines
Ex2:5 mistakes you need to avoid to write better headlines
Here in the ex2 – i drive negative emotion by “mistake”.Whenever a blogger come accross this headline, they will click this to avoid the mistake.
power words (1)

3.Power Words

Power words influence your readers to take action.Lets make it simple by writing action taking words.
These words should drive an action in your reader’s mind.There are many power words
are avaialble.
Ex 1:How to write better headlines
Ex 2:5 ways to write better headlines – expert advice
Now you can see the difference in them.Surely, ex2 work better than the former.Why?Because of the usage of power word “expert advice”
power words (2)

4.Uncommon Words

Don’t use the words all are using.Why?There is no difference and uniqueness in your content.So to stand out and get more clicks try to write catchy and better headlines.
Ex 1: 5 ways to write better headlines
Ex 2: 5 amazing hacks to write catchy headlines
In the above examples you will find which is better.Here we have used “hacks,amazing,catchy” all are uncommon words.


Readers are lazy and busy. You have less than 7 seconds to grab their attention so don’t write a hook sentence that requires 30 seconds to read. In fact, try to keep them under 10 words. 
Hook is nothing but an attention grabbing word or sentence.You can add hook to your headlines either in the beginning or at last.
But this hook will create a great impact in your readers mind.So it is better to use hook in your headline.
Ex:Beware! Four Accounting Errors that Can Ruin Your Business
Here “beware” is the hook.You can also say it as a power word also.

Pro tip:Headline length:

  • Optimal headline should be atleast 7-10 words.Mostly all search engines are SE offering 70 characters in their SERP preview.
  • You should use headline that value more than 70 in score of coschedule.try to use coschedule a free headline analyzer for you.
write better headlines
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