8 Things To Design Pinterest Pins In 2020

8 Things To Design Pinterest Pins In 2020

8 things to design pinterest pins for that are not your blog posts.

Do you want to know for what things you can Design pinterest pins?Then see what are those 8 things other than blog post, you need to  create pinterest pins.
Are you ready to drive pinterest traffic to your blog?Then see what the other things for which you need to create more pins.
To get more sales, emails you need traffic from pinterest.Right?So to do that you need to design pinterest pins and pins for pinterest.
Because fresh pins are needed by pinterest. So to drive traffic from pins you need more fresh pins.
What are fresh pins?
According to Tailwind and Pinterest, new pins are fresh pins.You can create new pins for your old content or any content.
For example, new images is fresh pins.You can create 5 to 10 pins (new image pins) pointing to same url is known as fresh pins
What are duplicate pins?
single pin image with same url.You can not pin same image again and again for same url.
This may be little confusing.But I will clearly explain it now.
How many times you can pin on pinterest?
You can pin many times.For a single post, you can create 2 – 5 pins and start pinning on pinterest.
Pin 1 + url 1 = fresh pin. If you pin this in 10 boards, it is a fresh pin.At the same time, you cannot pin the same pin again in more than 10 boards.
Now lets see for what things you can create pins other than post.There are 8 things right?Lets see what are they?

New blog post

Whenever you are creating a new blog post,you need to design pinterest pins for this post.After that you need to schedule it on pinterest as well as on Tailwind.
You can create 10 or more than 10 pins for a single post.For driving traffic to your new post, you need to pin images for this post for atleast 2 months.
8 Things To Design Pinterest Pins - new post

Revive Your Old Blog Post

To drive traffic to your blog, you need to pin again and again.So to revive your old post, you need to design pinterest pins again and pin it in your scheduler.
For a single blog post, you should create at least 30 pins.That is 30 pin images pointing to the same blog post url.
Schedule it in 2 days interval gap.So you will pin it for at least 2 1/2 months.You will get traffic for a single post solid for 2 1/2 months.
The above trick is followed by many pinterest experts.First pin it your most relevant board.
Then in second month pin it to your group boards and tribe.Now in 3rd part, pin it to your other relevant boards.

Freebies & Printables

Whenever you are creating any freebies for you post, you need to design pinterest pin for it.At the same time, to get leads i.e email id from your audience, you need printables or freebies.
Make sure that your freebie should be helpful for them.Try to create as many freebies as possible.You can even create a free resource library like me.
Many bloggers used to give free resource library as a freebie.This will help you to get lot more audience to your blog.s
8 Things To Design Pinterest Pins - freebies

Webinars or Challenges

You can even create pins for your free webinars or paid webinars.This will help a lot of pinterest users to know about your webinar.
At the same time, everyone love to watch useful webinars.So make a pin for it too.In addition to this,if you are creating any challenges like 30-blog-challenge, you can create pin for it.
Many bloggers used to design pinterest pins for their challenge to get attracted by large number of audience.This will help them to grow their blog and email list also.
8 Things To Design Pinterest Pins - webinar

Free and Paid Course

You may come across many free course for blog in pinterest pins.All pinterest users are used to design pinterest pins for their free and paid courses.
Whenever you are coming across any feminine blog online, you will be able to see lots of courses.They used to make money by selling their courses.
Some may sell video course on teachable, udemy, skillshare and thinkific.While others sell their free email course to their audience.
8 Things To Design Pinterest Pins - course or challenge

Paid Products

Some bloggers used ot sell products online.They may sell an ebook regarding pinterest marketing or any niche.
I came across an ebook on viral pin formula by Angie gensler.She used to sell it at $10.But whenever a  person is subscribing to her email list, she will give that book for $7.
Likewise, you can also sell your own formula book to make more money.For getting more leads to this page, you need to design pinterest pins for it on pinterest.


Many bloggers used to sell subscription service for new templates and stock photos.Ivory mix is selling subscription for their stock photos.
While Griffin is selling her own pinterest templates to all her template subscribers.They used to sell templates starting at $15.
If you are a freelance writer, you can sell your own service for your own rate.
8 Things To Design Pinterest Pins - services

Affiliate Products

Many pinterest users used to create pins for affiliate products.They will mention it in the pin using #affiliate tag in it.
Most popular affiliate products are Bluehost, A2 hosting, Convertkit and more are available in the market.Create a post regarding that affiliate product in your website.Then design a pinterest pin for it on your pinterest account.
This will help us to get more click and more sale also.Likewise, you need to create pins for these things also to drive traffic to your blog.
8 Things To Design Pinterest Pins - affiliate products

Facebook Group

You can even design pins for your facebook groups.This will help you to grow your group and also gain some followers.

In addition to this, you can sell your own course, products, webinars and even templates for them at low rate.This will help you to make more money on your blog.

8 Things To Design Pinterest Pins - facebook group
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