Affiliate Woocommerce Blogger Tutorial 2019

Affiliate Woocommerce Blogger Tutorial 2019

Affiliate Woocommerce Blogger store is the topic.At the same time,in this video you will learn both types of stores.

In first half, how to create a woocommerce blogger store.But in the second half,how to create affiliate woocommerce blogger store.

First step is to upload a store theme.Next is to change the layout of website.

Now change the header image.Next is to change the link list of menus.

Add submenu and menu to your blogspot.Then go to sidebar and change the layouts.

Now add popular post widget,categories and add email subscription forms.

Then change the layout of main blog post.Rearrange the layouts by drag and drop.

Now finally, go to footer.Change the featured post widget,labels and social icons.

Based on your wish, you can add widgets to sidebar and footer.

How to add products to store

  • First choose the products and download the image.
  • Rename the image and upload it.
  • Now add titles and alt text to images.
  • Then add price and offer to products.
Woocommerce Blogger Store

Change store to affiliate store

  • Go to themes -> edit html.
  • Now delete the cart and checkout codes.
  • Finally add templates to your website.
  • After that, add your affiliate links to products.

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