Canva Logo Maker Tutorial

Canva Logo Maker Tutorial

Everyone wants their logo to be well designed.At the same time ,it should be free and watermark free.So lets discuss about canva logo maker tutorial.

In this tutorial,we discussed about the types of templates can be created.We can create

  • Posters
  • Graphics
  • Flyers
  • Thumbnails
  • Cover
  • Social accounts Posts
  • Presentations
  • Logo
  • Collages

Here we discussed about the sidebar tools like

  • Templates
  • Background Images/Solid Color
  • Elements-shapes,grid,line,icons
  • Text Elements
  • Uploaded Images
  • Folders
  • Saved Desgins

Canva Logo Maker Tutorial Steps

  1. Upload images into your account
  2. Then select your template of logo
  3. Change the background color,font family,size and color.
  4. Make use of transparency option if needed.
  5. Add text elements to the logo.
  6. Then click on the download icon,on the top of page.
  7. It will automatically downloaded without any watermark.
  • In canva,your designs are stored in online account.In case of any deletion,it can be downloaded automatically.
  • At the same time,if you want to change the design also you can do it.In my upcoming videos,we will  show you the detailed tutorial of each.
  • You can learn anything you need in the home page also.I will give you the link below
  • Canva-

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