Clickable Youtube Thumbnail -Canva

Clickable Youtube Thumbnail -Canva

Hi friends,all youtubers need more clicks and views to earn money.Lets learn how to create clickable thumbnail using canva.

Canva is a wonderful tool,where you can make 

  • Thumbnails
  • Posts
  • Banners
  • Cover Photos
  • Invitation
  • Pinterest graphics
  • Tumblr graphics
  • Facebook cover
  • Facebook ad post
  • Twitter post
  • Logo
  • Instagram post
  • Flyer and more

Canva is the most useful app for all youtubers.This helps for marketing also.At the same time,you can create collage also.

Designs can be made using templates.It has pro and free version of templates.These templates are from all niches.Based on your wish you can select it.

Canva small Tour

  • In the side of canva dashboard,all tools are present.
  • First is templates,choose it based on your niche.
  • Second is images from online.
  • Next is a background textures or solid color.Choose based on your needs.
  • Then it has Text elements in many different font family,style and size.
  • It also has other elements like frames,shapes,grids,line,icons,emojis.
  • Last is the account of soical media images.
  • You can also link your social media accounts and post it from here itself.
  • You can download images without watermark.
  • Various types of image extensions like jpeg,png and gif also available.

This is an excellent tool where you can remove background of image.It is easy to upload the image and get the results in mintue.This is absolutely free.

Based on your need you can add another background also.Here we will show you how to use it.

Clickable Youtube Thumbnail using Canva &

  • In youtube,most of the thumbnails are made of close shot of human faces.Many researches,shown human faces in thumbnails are highly clickable.
  • So I have downloaded a model photo and then go to
  • Remove the background of image in minute.
  • After that I uploaded the photo in canva.
  • Then I select a background template.
  • Add this model photo in it.
  • Lastly i added the text to it.
  • Finally i added my logo and website address to it.
  • This is how you can easily make clickable youtube thumbnail using canva in minute.

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