Customize Endscreen using Snappa

Customize Endscreen using Snappa

Learn how to make customize endscreen using snappa.Here you will learn more about snappa.

Snappa is a tool similar to canva.Here you can make ads also.So lets make an endscreen for your youtube channel.

Make your endscreen superb to get more views and subscribers.So lets learn about customize your endscreen using snapa.

Customize endscreen using snappa

In this video, you will be learning about how to customize your end screen for youtube using snappa.
There are many tools online. But it is a simple and great tool for customizing.
The first step is to signup with snappa.
Then open it and choose your end screen option.
Here there are many features available.
Photos / color
Moving the layer up and down.
Undo/redo option.
Much more are available.
Make sure to watch this video fully.
In this video, I had used the same end screen.
Watch until the end.
Get more views & subscribers using this end screen option.

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