Earn $2 Per Instagram Follower ( Make Money Online In 2020 )

Earn $2 Per Instagram Follower ( Make Money Online In 2020 )
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The first step is to go to any cap network like Offervault, Maxbounty.
Choose any amazon gift card offer with $2 to $3 per lead
Now get the link of that offer and shorten it in bitly.

The second step is to create a new Gmail account in the name of free gift cards, get free Giftcards like that.
Now select the gear icon and then select the General tab
Go to autoresponder down and add text as follows:

SUB: Get free $1000 Amazon Gift Card
If you would like to get a free gift card, then click on the below link. It is just a small survey, answers it and gets a chance to win a $1000 Amazon gift card.

Amazon gift card: your bitly link
Thank you.

Now go to canva.com and create an Instagram post showing $1000 give away or $1000 Amazon gift card.
Add as follows in your post or canva image: send me email if you want this gift card to ” your Gmail id”

The third step is to go to Instagram and find the post on gift cards.
Then follow each person posting comment.
They will surely follow you back and send to your email.

By this way, you can earn $2 per Instagram follow.
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