Earn $20 Per Link Using Url Shortner Using These Tricks

Earn $20 Per Link Using Url Shortner Using These Tricks

Earn $20 Per Link Using Url Shortner Using These Tricks

Earn $20 per link using Url Shortner Using These tricks. There are many Url shortner in this world.

Find the one which is paying high amount and weekly basis. This Shrinkearn is the one among them. 

Steps to earn money. 

1.Register your account.

 2.Find the million views video or famous blog post having high views. 

3.Shortern the link 

4.Publish it in social media accounts. 

5.Refer your friends and earn money 


Pick any affiliate products and promote using shortened link

 Find millions views video ,shortern the link and promote it 

Similarly promote any hit events using this shrinkearn.

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