Earn $500 Per Day As A Complete Beginner (Make Money Online In 2020) | Easy Way To Earn Money

Earn $500 Per Day As A Complete Beginner (Make Money Online In 2020) | Easy Way To Earn Money

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The first step is to signup for amazon affiliate, aliexpress affiliate and banggood affiliate
After signing up, just go to youtube and create a youtube channel in gadgets niche.
Now find the channels in your niche.

After that, copy the product name from the description of each video.
Again go to youtube and type as follows: “keyword + video”
Now download the demo video of that product.

Download using YTMP4
Use free video editing software like active presenter, shortcut, photos windows10 app, Davinci resolve, Hitfiml express.
Merge 10 products and add your own voice over in the video.

Finally, upload the video on youtube.
Make sure to upload the video with a good title like your niche channel.

Now add your affiliate links in the description of that video.
Finally, add the tags related to your products or copy from the demo videos and add it over here.

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