Earn $500 PER WEEK By Instagram | Make Money Online In 2020 (Instagram Money)

Earn $500 PER WEEK By Instagram | Make Money Online In 2020 (Instagram Money)
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Earn $500 PER WEEK By Instagram
1.Go to google and search for instagram growth course or any course related to instagram
i.e instagram course affiliate program
2.Now join them and get your affiliate link
3.Promote it on quora by answering questions related instagram growth
4.Promote it on facebook groups related to instagram
5.Don’t flood your affiliate link in the first chat itself
6.Join the group and start a chat or discussion on how to grow your instagram account
7.Everyone will give you tips and once it reaches 100 comments,
say about your crash course on instagram
8.Search for instagram related youtube video
9.Filter it by this week and this month
10.Select top 10 videos and go to comment and find people who are interested in instagram growth
11.go to their channel and in about section – get their email id or instagram account
12.Start a chat and sell your affiliate link.
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