Earn $500 Per Week In 30 Minutes | Copy Paste (FREE TRAFFIC) IN 2020

Earn $500 Per Week In 30 Minutes | Copy Paste (FREE TRAFFIC) IN 2020
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In this video the first step is to choose a sub-niche in Health and Beauty
Then go to Market health and pick a product.

Now go to the landing page of that product
Gather some information
Now go to google slides and prepare slides for it.
Before going out for solution, first make some slides about problems.
Eg:Skin whitening cream

Then add some slides with pictures of dull skin.
After that add some consequences they are facing.
Now showcase your product with nice presentation.

After creating slide download it as ppt.
Now go to slideshare, linkedin account.
Just upload the slide with some title and description.

Make sure to add your affiliate link the description as well in the ppt you have prepared.
After that if you need you can even create a landing page for this.
Finally click on publish.Drive free traffic using quora,google quora and yahoo.

Main free traffic source is pinterest.Try using this to gain more money.
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