How to add,upload & delete a themes in wordpress

How to add,upload & delete a themes in wordpress

Are you looking for wordpress tutorial?Then this is for you folks.Here we will show you how to add,upload & delete a theme in wordpress.Make sure to read this till end.

What is a theme?

Theme in wordpress is the design of your website.This shows how your website look to your visitor.This is the most important thing to choose after installing wordpress.

Theme has many operations to do with our website.This has different

  • layout
  • color options
  • Typography
  • Media like images,videos
  • Content places
  • Widgets and more

It helps us to show the data which we created in awesome to visitor.Theme plays a major role in bringing visitor to our website.

Always look makes important than content.Eventhough the content is better and look is not good.This will never reach visitors heart.Make sure to select a better one.Lets start how to add,delete,upload a theme in wordpress here.

Add,Delete,Upload a Theme in wordpress

How to add theme:

  1. Login to your dashboard.
  2. In the sidebar of dashboard,go to Appearance>Themes
  3. Click on Add new button or else click on the  + symbol.
  4. This will take you to the themes page which are available for free in wordpress.
  5. Select any one theme and then click Install button
  6. Then click on Activate button to activate the new theme.
  7. If your activation is successful,Green bar will be shown.

How to delete a theme:

  1. To delete a theme click the theme you want to delete.
  2. Then go to the bottom left corner of your theme popup.
  3. There delete button will be present,go and click the button.
  4. This will ask you for confirmation,click ok to delete.
  5. Then go to your theme page and check your deletion is successful or not.

How to upload a theme:

  1. To upload a new theme first you have to download a free theme in .zip format.
  2. Then go to Appearance>Themes>Add new>Upload theme button.
  3. Click on the browse button and select the downloaded theme.
  4. Then click install button.
  5. This will install your theme and shows installed successfully.
  6. To activate click the below activate link.

How to activate & deactivate a theme:

  • If you activate a new theme,currant theme gets automatically deactivated.
  • Selected theme gets activated.

How to see the theme details:

  1. Click on the theme for theme details.
  2. This will show you the live preview.
  3. On the left hand side of the theme,description will be shown.
  4. Make sure to see the ratings and feature of the theme.

Theme Options:

Once you click on the add new theme button,it will show the theme page.

  1. Featured:Shows you widely used themes
  2. Popular:Shows you the popular downloads
  3. Latest:Shows you the new themes released 
  4. Favorites:Downloadable from marked as favorite if you have an account there.
  5. Filter options:Layouts,Features,Subjects.

Premium Themes:

Premium themes have copyright and more pro feature than free themes.To download such themes go for themeforest,themeisle,athemes,wpthemes,genesis framework and more.

For more detail about this read my upcoming articles.

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