How To Build Email list For Your Blog – 5 Tips

How To Build Email list For Your Blog – 5 Tips

How To Build An Email List For Your Blog

If you are reading this post, then you have already created a blog. To turn into business you need to start build an email list.
My hearty congratulations on this first step to convert into business. Yes, you are in the right step to build your email list.
Of course, you are in the right place to learn more about this topic. In my first year of blogging, I just added a signup form to my newsletter.

Even though this helps you to build an email list, it needs some strategy.
After learning more and more about blogging, I changed my blogging style. How? I started doing keyword research and then blogging an article for more than 1000 words.
Even I wonder how did I write this many words in 1 hour. But after practicing, again and again, helps me to get more number of words.
Now let’s jump into the main topic. Let’s break them into small components and learn more about how to start building an email list
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Why you need to build an email list?

Some bloggers may say email marketing is dead. But still now email gives more conversion than all. You may wonder How?
Whenever we are waking up from sleep, what we will do first? Get up and check our emails right.
Through email marketing, we are reaching more people’s doorstep. All people will open all the emails.
But if you are flooding with emails, then your conversion rate will go low. What is the conversion rate? Conversion rate is nothing but if that email is opened by your subscriber, it is 100%.
At the same time, email is the most precious of everyone. So the won’t give you their email, unless you provide some values for them.
You may ask how to provide values? For that, you need to create high-quality content. What is high-quality content?
I will give you an example. If someone searches for a smartphone on budget on google, in the results only one article is giving you full details.
How? They will give you a list of products, their comparison, ratings, price. Finally, they will give you a buyers guide in which they give a detailed explanation about every part of the smartphone.
This is the valuable content. If they seen it to be useful, they will surely give their email address to get notifications from them.This in turn helps to build an email list for your blog.
In other words, email is known as leads in blogger terms. So let’s learn how to capture leads.
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What is email marketing?

You have heard about this word to get emails to earn more money. The first and foremost step is to get the emails from people. After that with those emails how to earn money?
Send them your post/Course link/Products in email. So that they will be notified by email and get traffic for your website.
For sending these kinds of emails, there are many autoresponders available in the market.
Autoresponders helps you to send email to all of your subscribers in 1 click.In addition to this, it also helps to build an email list for your blog.
At the same time, this helps you to build email automation as well as email sequences to be sent to your subscribers.
You can tag them or separate them into different sections. So that it is easy for you to send different emails to different groups of people.
Ex: If your website is about digital marketing, then your subscribers can be grouped into 5 or 6 groups.
Bloggers tips
Affiliate marketing tips
Pinterest marketing tips
Social media marketing tips
email marketing tips
Likewise, you can segregate your audience into groups to build an email list for your blog.
Don’t overwhelm about this, I will make sure to write in detail about autoresponders in another article.
Most cheapest autoresponders are as follows:
Among those, you can choose anyone to get started.
You can create email signup forms, popups, slide widget and even sales funnel with autoresponders.
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Where you need to place these signup forms?

Add these signup forms or lead magnet in each and every post.Make sure the lead magnet should be related to the post.

First create a freebie for that post.Then create a signup forms and place it in the article.

You should place this forms in the top, middle and bottom of the post.

Single Optin VS Double Optin

Single Optin helps you to grow your list quickly. At the same time, you need to keep an eye on the subscriber’s list.
Find the subscribers who are not opening your email for 1 to 2 months, remove them.
Double Optin helps you to send email after confirmation from the person. At the same time, don’t use double opt-in for freebies. This means the audience are willing for freebies only. So don’t do this.
One important tip is that they don’t email them daily. This will create a negative impact on you. So email them twice weekly.
This is more enough to get started.
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Start Building Trust In Your Domain

In the first set of emails, you need to build trust in them. Build trust by sending your story and start a conversation with them.

This will help you to get more traffic. Give some discounts to your course as well as any free PayPal cash to them.

Engaging with your audience

Ask a simple survey or reply from your audience. This helps us to grow a little bond between us. At the same time, this helps us also to improve more.

Personalize the email

Don’t send email by starting as hey alone. Just add their first name in each place “you” need.

This makes them feel happier that this email is specially meant for them. This will create a positive impact on us.

How an email should look like?

Don’t flood your email with full of text or images. Use 50:50. Try to use good images and add some personalized text.

Instead of sending plain email, send them a pretty email.Try to send your weekly posts in that email.

What is the Best Time to send emails?

I have already mentioned sending twice a week. So try in the mid-week. Try sending emails on Tuesday and Thursday.

At the same time, send inappropriate time also.Some popular timings are 10.15 am, 6.00am, 2.00pm, 8.00pm.

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How to capture Email/Leads?

One is by providing valuable content. Next is solving the pain point or giving a solution to a problem.
There are many weight loss blogs in the market. But only a few solves the weight loss problems.
Now let’s see the last method which is quite easy to get leads from people. Just offer them a freebie.

What is freebie?

Freebie is nothing but giving something for free. What are the things you can give for free to get leads?
They are as follows:
Content Calendar
Step by step guide
Free templates
Free Graphics
Free PayPal cash
All the above are some of them which you can give to them. Ask for them to give their email address in exchange for this.
If they found it to be useful, they will surely give you their email.

Email Marketing Strategy:

I have researched this topic and have found a huge difference in website building. Especially in the US, UK moms are blogging for many years.
What is the difference between them and us? Whenever you are going to their website, you will be finding some Freebie, resources tab at the top.
In addition to this, you may find some courses tab. In that, they are having both email course as well as video course also.
This is the important strategy they are doing to build emails. At the same time, in their resource, they are providing the same list which I have mentioned before.

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