How to create-edit-delete a post in wordpress.

How to create-edit-delete a post in wordpress.

Are you looking for how to add a new post in wordpress?Then read this article fully to know more about each features.Lets learn how to create-edit-delete a post in wordpress.

WordPress has classic editor which is similar to text editor.In this modern era,there are page builders are also available.Some builders are free and pro.While others come along with their theme.


Page Builders

  1. Elementor (free & pro versions available
  2. Visual Composer(come along with theme)
  3. Divi Builder(come along with theme)
  4. Beaver Builder(free & pro version available)
  5. Themify Builder(pro & free version available)
  6. Page builder by Site Origin(pro & free version available)

We will be teaching you each builders separately in upcoming tutorials.Classic editor has features like notepad and also can be coded in text tab.

Lets learn how to create-edit-delete a post in wordpress.Step by step is shown here.

How to create-edit-delete a post in wordpress

Add new/Create a post in wordpress:

  1. First step is to login to your dashboard.
  2. Click Post on the sidebar of dashboard.
  3. Now click add new button.
  4. Write title and description to create a post.

How to use Text Formatting:

Text formatting icons:

There is no need to explain these icons in details

  • Heading type:
  • Bold:BOLD
  • Italic:ITALIC
  • Bulletein list
  • Numbered list
  • Blockquote:
  • Left align
  • Center align
  • Right align
  • Attachment file
  • Underline:abc
  • Strikethrough:abc
  • Horizontal line:

  • Text color:
  • Paste as text
  • Clear formatting
  • Symbol:©
  • Increase indent
  • Decrease indent
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Keyboard shortcuts

How to insert image into post:

  1. Click on the add media button.
  2. Then click upload button.
  3. Select the image and click upload and insert into post.
  4. You can also insert image through url.
  5. Click on the insert url link and then paste the url into tab.
  6. Press enter and then click insert into post button.

How to insert featured image into post

  1. Click the add media button and then select featured image option.
  2. Then select the image in media library and click set as featured image option.

How to write html codes in post:

  1. In the post click on the text tab on the corner.
  2. In this section you can add html codes if needed.

Change the visibility option of post:

On the top corner near visibility click the edit link.

Now select your preferences:

  1. Private:Visible to particular persons.
  2. Password protected:Visible to persons who know the password.
  3. Public:Visible to all.

Then click ok.

Change the Status option:

On the top corner near status click on the edit link.

Now select your options.

  1. Draft:saved not published.
  2. Published:Visible to all.

Then click ok.

Schedule your post timings:

  1. Click on the edit link near the publish immediately icon.
  2. Select your date and time.
  3. Then click schedule.

How to insert tags into post:

  1. In the side of the post,type the tags required for your post.
  2. Then press enter or click ok button to add tags.

Insert categories into post:

  1. For adding new categories,type in the box and select parent category.
  2. Then click add new category button.
  3. This will add new category.

How to bulk edit the post:

Select the posts and then click bulk edit option.

Then add tags in the box,then edit the following options

  • Author:User or default author is selected.
  • Comments:Allow comment or not is selected.
  • Status:published,draft and pending review are the options.
  • Format:Standard,media,gallery,video,link.
  • Sticky:Post is sticky if you need it to be on the front page always.Else select non sticky option.
  • Pings:Allow ping or not is selected.

Bulk delete a post:

  1. Select the post you want to delete.
  2. Then click the move to trash option under bulk edit option.
  3. Click apply.This  will delete the posts automatically.

Tutorial video:

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