How to Find a Perfect Niche For Your Blog In 2020

How to Find a Perfect Niche For Your Blog In 2020

How To Find a Perfect Niche For Your Blog In 2020

Do you want to know how to find a perfect niche?Then here you will be able to find good ideas on finding niche as a blogger.
This is the most important step in blogging i.e how to find your niche?Because it is playing the major role in blogging.
Before start to blog as a blogger, you need to find your niche.Niche is nothing but your dream,passion and everything about your inner fire.
You may think the above line is a little bit overwhelming.If you want to blog for just hobby, then you can choose any niche.
At the same time, if you are really more serious about blogging, you need to find your niche.
Finding niche is a little bit difficult, but I will make it easy for you in this article.
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What is niche?

Niche is topic focusing on particular group of audience.There are many variety of niche available in the market.Lets discuss all about niche here.

Does your blog need a niche?

Yes, of course.Your blog need a particular niche.Because google will rank only niche blog.

There are 2 types of niche
1.Micro niche
2.Broad Niche

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What is micro niche?

Micro niche is a topic which is so narrow.For example:cakes.You may think that cake is a broad niche.But it is not true.
Under cake you can post only blog topics regarding cakes only.You should not post on cookies,pizzas,biscuits and more.

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What is broad niche?

Broad niche is a big and vast topic.For example:Bakery.Now you might have understood the difference between them
Under bakery niche you can put blog post on  cakes,cookies,pizzas,burgers,biscuits and more.

Which type of niche helps to earn money?

Micro niche helps us to earn more money fast and easier than broad niche.You may think how this will help us in earning money?
As micro niche is targeting only a small group of audience, it is easy for them to reach.Broad niche will also earn more money but it will take some time to reach a large group of audience.
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What are the most profitable blog topics?

What are the most profitable blog topics?
2.Health & fitness
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How much time should I spend time to find my blog niche?

You should take atleast 1 week to find your niche.Don’t take more than 7 days,because this is the maximum amount of time to figure out your niche.

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Steps to find the blog niche ideas:

1.Take note and pen.
2.Then write down the topics you are well known.
3.Now filter it based on your hobbies.
4.Finally sort in ascending and choose the top 5
5.Take some more time and analyze each topic in google trends.
6.Find the search volume of each niche.
7.At last,filter the top 2 niche.
8.Now its your time to take action.
9.Find the niche which won’t allow you to sleep without completing its work.
In this article, we have discussed about how to find a perfect niche for your blog.The same process is used to find in different social media.
You can use this process to find you niche in youtube,amazon,etsy and even on graphic design also.

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how to find a perfect niche for your blog

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