How To Start a Blog In 2020

How To Start a Blog In 2020

How To Start A Profitable Blog In 2020

Are you searching for how to start a profitable blog?Then you are in the right place to know about it.Here we are going to discuss on how to start a blog in step by step manner.

In 2020, all are having blog on internet and also with youtube channel.So you may have a thought to start a blog by yourself right?

Many bloggers may say starting a blog is easy, but it is not easy to speak it frankly.Because blogging is not a work or something, it is a journey.

Where you have to be consistent and clear about your website or blog.So if you want to start your blog as beginner then read this article fully.

In this blog article, we will also discuss about how to start a blog and earn money? also.How to monetize your blog ?For all these questions answers are discussed below.

How to choose a niche?

You may have heard about niche by many bloggers.Niche is nothing but your interest or hobby.

You may think that,Why all are telling you to choose your hobby?Because you need to start a blog on that topic only.

How to choose that niche then?First of all take a note and pen.Sit down and write all the hobby you are having.

Then sort it in ascending order based on you high interest.After that choose the first five hobby alone.

Now, its time to choose you niche.Slowly analyze the hobby you have.

Find which will not allow you to sleep if you did not do that.

Find the one which you will do daily and without doing that you will not finish your day.

If you want to know the categories of niche, then click here to find a pdf on it.Where you will be able to find the categories.

How to Choose a domain name for your blog?

This is another challenging step.Here you need to choose a domain name that is related to your niche.

Don’t try any creative ways by adding lower cases and uppercase combination.Or else don’t add numbers to your domain name.

Especially don’t add any special characters like  hypen,@,# and more.

Then you may ask how a domain name should be?And my answer is domain name should be easy to pronounce.

For example:

  • startablog
  • creativebloq
  • copyblogger
  • twinsmommy
  • thesideblogger

These are the example of famous blogging name.At the same time, it is easy to pronounce and remember also.

If you want a guide to choose a domain name then click here.Just enter you name and email to get access to my free library.

In my free library you will found checklist and cheatsheet for blogs.

how to start a blog for beginners
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How to choose extensions for your domain name?

While choosing extension, you should be very careful.Because there are many extensions available.

Based on your audience, you need to choose your domain extension.For example:If you want your blog to be seen by your country alone means choose your country.

Else it is better to choose a .com extension.This is a top-level-domain extension, which is seen by world wide.

How to choose hosting for your blog?

Hosting is the most important part of blog, because you need a perfect hosting for your blog. and many bloggers are recommending Bluehost.I too will recommend bluehost because it is the cheapest and securable hosting.

start a blog step by step bluehost

5 Reasons to Choose Bluehost:


Bluehost is  offering a free domain name for 1 year.Choose your top level domain name and get it for free now.

2.24/7 SUPPORT:

Bluehost is offering 24/7 phone and chat support.They are also having tutorials on how to start using bluehost in step by step.

3.One click WordPress Installs:

Here in bluehost, wordpress is installed in single click.There is no need download and install by you.


Bluehost is offering more security by default without any additional cost.This makes more special on bluehost.

5.Recommended by WordPress.

Great CMS Platform itself stated that Bluehost is the most Cheap and Best hosting for wordpress.

Why to Choose hosting and domain in same place?

Domain and hosting should be in same place, because to avoid any error between them.

If you have chosen both in different place, then you need to add nameservers in them.

What is nameserver?

This is an alias given by domain provider.You should add this nameserver at your hosting account.

To avoid this confusion, it is better to choose both in same place itself.

How to Start a profitable blog using Bluehost?

STEP 1: Click on bluehost and select a basic plan.This is enough for absolute beginner.

how to start a blog - bluehost basic plan

STEP 2: Just enter your domain name to be registered with bluehost.

how to start a blog - domain name in bluehost

STEP 3: Choose a payment option and enter your pin details and make a purchase

how to start a blog - payment option in bluehost

STEP 4:Now Install wordpress in single click by entering into your cpanel.Save the admin and password for login in wordpress dashboard.

how to start a blog - wordpress install in bluehost
how to start a blog - wordpress install on bluehost
how to start a blog - site details on blog

STEP 5:For logging into your wordpress dashboard, https://your domain or instead of wp-admin you can also use login.

how to start a blog -wp admin dashboard

What pages are needed for blogging?

For blogging you need the following pages:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Contact us page
  • Terms & conditions page
  • Blog page
  • Lead page
  • Shop page (optional)
  • Resource page (optional)
  • Free library page (optional)
how to start a blog

How to build these pages on wordpress?

To build these pages on wordpress you need to understand the dashboard of wordpress.

Here are some of the link to wordpress dashboard:Playlist to wordpress basics.

In that playlist you will learn fully about wordpress dashboard.How to create post,page.You will also learn how to change themes, plugins and how to change the settings of your website.

More regarding wordpress website is listed over here.This is another playlist, here you will learn how to create your website under 60 minutes.


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How to monetize your blog?

You can monetize your blog using google adsense.But for that you need approval from google.

Before applying for google adsense your website should have at least 25 post.Your blog should have traffic of at least 1k visits per month.

Some other ways of earning money through blogging is as follows:


Affiliate Programs

Selling Templates

and more.

To know 100 ways to earn money through blogging, then get access to our free library by clicking here.


how to start a blog

How to capture leads?

Leads are nothing but your audience’s email.Why we should collect emails?What is the use of those emails?

Email is the most important part of blogging.Because email is the most precious for bloggers.

Emails are important because we can send email to them whenever we have posted a new post.This helps us to drive free traffic.

At the same time, if you want to earn money using blogging then you need your email list.This will help you to promote affiliate products through email.

To capture emails you need to give some offers.In blogging terms, you need to create a landing page to capture their email address.

What offers can attract audience?You can give them a discount to your courses or else do any one of the following:

  1. Checklist
  2. Cheatsheet
  3. Workbook
  4. Calendar
  5. Planner
  6. Discounts
  7. Templates
  8. Graphics
  9. Ebook and more.


start a blog

Some tips on blogging:

While creating a blog post, you need to make sure that is SEO friendly.For that you need to install yoast SEO.

Backlinks is also important for your ranking on google.To get backlinks you need to get approved by the website owner.

Social media engagement is also important for blogging.Make your social presence by posting your blog post often on social medias.This will also help you to get more free traffic.

Connect your website to google webmaster tools.So that it is easy for you to see the analytics and more about your blog.

Keyword research is also the most important part of blogging.You need to target a specific keywords while creating a post.Always try to focus on long tail keywords.

Connect your blog to any autoresponder to automate your emails.This will help you to increase the sales in your blog.

More and more topics are available.We cannot cover all these topics in a single article.I will try to create article on the above topics as soon as possible.

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