How to write about me page as a new blogger

How to write about me page as a new blogger

How to write about me page as a new blogger?

Recently you start a blog and want to know how to write about me page as a new blogger?Then know about it here with amazing ideas.
You have learnt more about how to start a blog and make money online.Then wait to learn a bit about this page.Why about me page is important?
A huge feature required to make money blogging is trust.Your audience needs to trust you.
When they trust you,they listen to what you are saying and recommending to them.To build trust in your audience is an easy way how?
With an About me page.In the meant time, you may have come across many blogs as a new blogger.In case if you don’t know also, its ok.
I will show some awesome about me page example.You can make use of it as a template and modify it based on your niche.
how to start a

How to write About me page as Pro Blogger

In many experienced bloggers about me page, they give a quick introduction about them.They tell about their story in short paragraph.
You may love some special blog but you don’t know who is it?At the same time, you know only their name in blog’s comments and about me page.
So make sure to reveal your name in the about me page.As new bloggers may forget about your blog name, but they will remember your name.
It is easy for you to build a trust in them.Just by adding your name, they won’t trust.For that you need to add your story to it.

How to tell your story?

If you are a freelance writer, then your blog’s about me page should be filled with your credits before telling story.Because your clients will see into your expertise first to give your job.
At the same time, if you are a new blogger then start with your own story itself.Try to add some family photos if possible.
This will build a trust in them.In addition to this, you can also explain the blog name.Some new readers don’t know the meaning of it.
So it is better to explain it in detail.Further more, you can also tell how you started blogging.You can also explain why you started blogging.
This will help you to build a huge trust in your audience.Here I will show you the sample about me page from Chelsea
About HerPaperRoute - Start Here - how to write about me page

How to connect with your audience?

To connect with your audience you need to know who are your audience.As a new blogger, you may not your audience.Its okay.
Then how to connect with your unkown audience?Just try to find the broad categories you are focusing on.Make a list of audience in group like mom,kids,students,teachers and etc.
Likewise you need to find the broad audience.After that add the struggles you have faced in it.Then you need to show them what they will get from your blog.

Show how you can help them

You need to show them how you will help them in their life.Tell about the topics you will be discussing in your blog.
Make sure to make the readers think that this is the blog they want.They need to trust your blog.
As a beginner,you may not know about the topics.But as a whole you know some topics to blog.So write it in your page.
Bold the topics they will get from this blog.Explain in bullet points and bold it if necessary.
At the same time,you can change your about me page several times.This will help them to know more about your blogs niche.
After 2 to 3 months you can also add a popular post in your about me page.Add some problematic question in your about me page.Then give your blog post as a solution to it.
This will help them more to build a trust in them.As they have a solution to their problem.Here is an example of suzi who explained in her about me page.
Who Is Suzi Whitford - Start a Mom Blog - how to write about me page

Add Call to action

Finally in this about me page add some call to action settings.This can be a email optin to grow your email list.
Some blog experts used to showcase their course, ebooks in their about me page.I know if you are a beginner, you don’t have these things.
Instead of showcasing your product you can also showcase your popular blog post.At the end you can ask them to check out our blog on every wednesday.
Likewise you can also make them to know the time of post in your blog.Or else you can ask them to like, follow and join your social media accounts.
Showcase your accounts and ask them to follow and join with you.Here is an example template from Elna an amazing blogger.
About - Twins Mommy - how to write about me page

How to write your business about me page

If you are running business, then your about me page will be a challenging one.Here you need show more about your experience.
In addition to this, you need to add your credits along with some rankings also.This in turn not only build trust but also give you more clients.


One of the most popular page on your blog is about me page.Users want to know more about you not only your blog.
So in your about me page add snippets of who you are, what your blog gives them.In addition to this add your optin form over here.
Furthermore, you can also  add your own course and products over there.Have you started your blog yet?Share your about me page in commetns.I would love to view them.

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how to write about me page

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