Make money by Amazon Associate Program using IFTTT & Politepol

Make money by Amazon Associate Program using IFTTT & Politepol

In 2019,need of money has increased.As a  part time job,everyone needs money.So lets make money by amazon associate program.

Now-a-days moms and students need to work as part time and earn money.So lets join the amazon associate program.This will give you money.

At the same time,all cannot get money throught this.Only 1 hours of engagement is enough to earn money.So make sure to read this technique fully.

All you need is your laptop or mobile with internet connection.We are using 3 steps to achieve this success.Lets start our make money by amazon associate program discussion here.

Make money by Amazon associate program

Only 3 steps needed.

  • Login to your amazon associate account.
  • Then create a RSS feed using politpol.
  • After that use IFTTT to autopost into your social media accounts.

Amazon Associate Program

  • In my next video,we will show you how to create a amazon associate account.
  • Now just login to your account.
  • Then go to Help-Advertising fee schedule.
  • There search for fee which is highest like 8-10%
  • Then go for google and then type as amazon bestseller.
  • Then open the link and in sitestripe  select the full link option.
  • Copy the link and then paste in your sticky notes or notepad.

Create RSS feed using Politepol

  • After copying the link go to google and search for politepol.
  • Then add the copied link to it.
  • After that select the title option and then select the title of any product.This will select the title of all products shown below.
  • Do the same for description also.
  • Now click create.This will create rss feed.
  • Copy the feed link and paste in notepad.

Autopost using IFTTT

  • Login to your google account for IFTTT or else create a new account.
  • Then go your profile picture and then select new applet.
  • This will open a page showing this and that.
  • Now click on the this option and select RSS icon.
  • Click on create a trigger option and then paste the rss feed link.
  • Then finally click create and the rss feed trigger is created.
  • Now click on that option and select your social media like
  1. facebook
  2. twitter
  3. pinterest
  4. pinboard
  5. tumblr
  6. reddit
  7. skype
  8. wordpress
  9. blogger
  10. and more
  • Then if you select facebook and then create a link post option.
  • Add the required description and click on create button.
  • Then click on finish button.
  • Now trigger is created.
  • Whenever a product is posted in amazon bestseller,that product is added into your social account.

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