Tubebuddy Tutorial 2019 | Grow your youtube channel

Tubebuddy Tutorial 2019 | Grow your youtube channel

Everyone wants to grow their youtube channel.At the same time,need views and subscribers for your channel.Lets start discussing about tubebuddy tutorial 2019.

In this modern era,daily new youtubers emerge.Uploading video daily doesn’t get you views and subscribers.For that we need some checklist to grow our channel.

Lets start how tubebuddy works in this article.Tubebuddy tutorial in 2019 to grow your channel.

Tubebuddy tutorial 2019

Free Signup with Tubebuddy

  • Click the link tubebuddy.
  • This will open the homepage.
  • Click on go and sign in with google account.

How to use bulk edit with tubebuddy

Click on the tubebuddy icon,this will open the dropdown.

This includes dashboard,videos,comments,likes,subscribers,playlist and tools.

Tools include keyword search explorer,tag explorer,video analytics,channel annalytics.

In the video manager tab,click on the tubebuddy icon.This will open 5 tabs

Includes info,notes,Launch pad,quick links and tools.

Under tools,you can

  • add cards,endscreen
  • Promote in social media
  • Caption service
  • thumbnail generator
  • Scheduled publish

Under Quick links Comments ,Analytics includes demographics,real time,likes,subscribers,rentention,watch time and more

Under Info tab it has video ID and video link.

Click on the cards and select the video for cards,type the link message and teaser message.

Then click on upload to add cards to video.

Thumnail Generator

  • Click on the thumbnail generator and select the background image.
  • Select text,size and then add frames needed.
  • Then preview in the preview tab and also view the thumbnail of other videos of same title.

Channel Analytics

  • Click on the analytics tab to view it.
  • In this tab you can see the graph of views,top videos,views on top videos,rentention of audience and then revenue also.

Keyword search explorer of tubebuddy

  • When you type your keyword in youtube search bar,it will show the search results.
  • At the same time,keyword difficulty and search volume,keyword score and related tags are also show.

Videolytics of Tubebuddy

  • Click on the results video,this will show the videos like,comment and more.
  • Channels no of videos,likes,subscribers is shown.
  • Then below the tags used in the video will be can copy it in your tubebuddy tag list.

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