What is a Blog?Learn The Blog Definition Now

What is a Blog?Learn The Blog Definition Now

What is a Blog? Blog Definition

Ready to start a blog and want to know what is a blog?Then you will find the difference between  a blog and website.
When I first decided to stay at home with my son,I looked online to make money at home.
After that I came up with a solution is to start blogging.Here you will find what is a blog and difference between them also.
After marriage,my husband used to do something in online to go ahead of your dream.So I started to learn about digital marketing.
Then I started to know more about blog and website.Learning is vast space where you can find endless resources.I learned more about blog and started also.
Currently I have 4 blogs running parallel.Only recently, I launched 2 blogs on review niche.
When it comes to blogging, you will be confused by these words blog and website.Both are related to blogging only.So in this article you will get clear on these terms
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What is a blog?

The blog is an updated site that is usually run by a person or a team of people.The blog content can be a conversational,helpful and inspirational.
My Comidacasera is a blog.When you land on this site, you will see a blog.Here blog is the main thing in this site.

What is a website?

Website is a collection of pages that sell something as a main focus.They may have a blog section, but blog is not a main focus.

can a blog be website?

Yes of course.A blog can also be a website.Services have website.
Here is an example of website:
ConvertKit Email Marketing for Online Creators - what is a blog
You can see that convertkit is a website that sells you an autoresponder.In addition to this service, convertkit also have a blog section.
Websites like Neilpatel.com is  mainly focusing on ubersuggest tool.At the same time, you can see a blog section.
Neil Patel Helping You Succeed Through Online Marketing - what is a blog
Different types of blog you can have.
Here comes the technical confusions for all beginners.So make sure to read this carefully.
A blog should be live online.At the same time, you need something to host your blog.There comes the hosting providers.
Another confusion arrives is the paid and free plans.There are some blogging platforms offering you a free plan.
You can use that plan to host your blog.If you are blogging for hobby then its better to choose a free plan.
But when it comes to earn money using blog or by inserting ads, then you need a paid plan.Why you may ask?
In case of free plan, you domain name is a subdomain of particular platform.
Ex:Wix,Blogspot – your website url looks like www.yourdomainname.blogspot.com
When it comes to paid plan it is better to choose Bluehost or a2 hosting.Both are well recommended by many blogging experts.
Now we have chosen our hosting provider to store our files in online.But there is another confusion in choosing platform.
There are many content management systems available.Some are prestashop,wordpress,joomla,drupal and more.
Here you need to choose the most popular wordpress.org as your content manager.This helps you to build a good blog.
By using your own self-hosted blog, you can monetize using google ads.

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Can a blog make money?

Yes.Many people started blog so that it is easy for them to get a side cash.In adiition to this, it is going to be a side income with their main stream.
So,how do you make money by blogging?
There are several ways:

1.Offer a service or sell a service

You can start offering a freelance writing service.As well as you can offer a virtual assistance service in your blog.
This will help you to get extra side income using blog.
 Many bloggers used to sell 
  • Online courses
  • Printables
  • Social Media Image Templates
  • Email Funnel Templates
  • Physical Products like blankets and so on.
Free Printables - Download over 700 FREE Printable Files - Chicfetti


An easy way to turn your blog income.For this you need to pass the criteria given by each ad companies.
Even Google ads have criteria.Your blog should be atleast 2 to 3 months old.In addition to this,your blog should have atleast 20 post.
Furthermore, those post word count should be a minimum of atleast 1000 words.All these criteria should be satisfied.
Finally your blog should have a decent amount of traffic.Why you need traffic for ads?
Because,if there are more traffic your blog will earn more commissions from google ads.
Another important criteria is that your blog name should not have a subdomain.These are rules and regualtions of ads.
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3.Affiliate Marketing

This is another strategy to start earning money.Affiliate marketing is the process of refering someone’s product in your blog article or on your sidebar widgets.
For new bloggers, this is the easiest method to earn more money.At the same time, for affiliate marketing no need of traffic.
But you need a target audience to sell those products.
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4.Sponsored Content

When you are blogging for a long time, some brand companies may approach you to write article about them.This is another strategy of earning income.


There are websites who are selling subscription.This is similar to that of memberships.
If you are searching for blogging, you may come across many subscriptions like this.Website like Digital Empire used to sell subscription for templates.
You need to pay $9 to get 10 Social Media templates to your email’s inbox for 1 year.This is another way to earn money.
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The Legal Side of Blogging

If you are decided to make money from your blog, you need to clearly state that in your blog.How?
Just add a privacy policy,affiliate disclosure,terms and conditions page.
There are 5 pages you need to disclose in your blog.
For these you can use online generator as well as contact fiverr freelancing service also.
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